Email Encryption

Email communications sent outside of Ivymount with specific, identifying information regarding students must be encrypted with the following exceptions:

  • Emails sent to Local Education Agencies
  • Emails sent to parents/guardians of students who have waived the use of encrypted emails.  List of Parents/Guardians who have waived the use of encrypted emails is provided by the Development and Communications Department along with the picture permission information. 

How to Encrypt an Email Message
Type encrypt: in the subject line of your email message  and then the subject.  Do not use student names in the subject line.  Once you encrypt the email, you can use the student’s name in the body of the email.
Important Notes 

  • If you are sending a message to an Ivymount email address (, you do not need to encrypt the message.  However, if you are sending an email to any external email account (e.g., gmail, Hotmail, yahoo) you must encrypt the message unless the parent/guardian has waived the use of encrypted emails.
  • When you send an encrypted email you can copy Ivymount staff (any  email) and they will get the encrypted email "normally."
  • When your recipient of an encrypted email to opens the message, you will receive a confirmation email. 
  • You can send encrypted emails from Ivymount Webmail


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